List of 7 Dining tables or desk under 10K INR

Are you planning to designate your sweet home?

When it comes to organizing and modernizing your home, the first thing that appears to mind is furniture and above all furniture, is the dining tables.

The dining tables or desks do not only make the family members comfortable but also are a tremendous means to strengthen the interiors of your home.

1- Lawson 6 seater dining table:

Lawson is dainty and functional. Its lean legs ensure it occupies less space yet accommodates a lot. The Lawson blends slight curves and a flat surface, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

This product gets 4.3-star ratings.

  • It is made from rubberwood.
  • It has six seats.
  • It is good for your home because it has strong ability.
  • The wood used in the table is faultlessly seasoned for optimum steam content, to decrease the chance of seasonal proliferation or compression of the merchandise.
  • These tables are made under strict supervision.
  • These tables are completely comfortable for your family.
  • Indoor use only.
  • It has only one colour.
  • These tables are made of natural elements, so these can be damaged.

2- Lawson 4 seater dining table:

Lawson tables are made of strong wood. It is designed for a close family. It is available at a very cheap price and everyone can buy it easily for their family.

This product gets 4.1-star ratings.

  • It is made from rubberwood.
  • It has four seats for your family.
  • All products of these tables and made of strong wood.
  • It can be easily fitted into your home.
  • It’s manufactured under strict supervision.
  • It is completely safe from pests and bores.
  • It is used for only indoor services.
  • This table can be damaged due to use of different chemicals.
  • Its material can normally be damaged.

3- Supreme Bison plastic 6 seater dining table:

  • Introduction:

Premium finishes heavy-duty six-seater dining table with additional board and wide tabletop and Contemporary mode solid assembled legs. Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Applications.

This product gets 4.3-star ratings.

  • Its style is contemporary & modern.
  • We are providing a 6 months warranty against manufacturing damages.
  • It has six seats.
  • It is looking gorgeous.
  • The cancellation of this product is not authorized after one day of booking of the order.

4-Balaji solid wood 4 seater dining table

Balaji Solid Wood furnishes you with a beautiful 4 Seater Dining Table. It is used in home decorations. And it covers less surface.

This product gets 4.3-star ratings.

  • Its style is contemporary & modern.
  • Its weight and height are 889 mm x 762 mm.
  • This table provide you guarantee that you can easily repair it
  • It furnishes your home with its beauty and high quality features.
  • Its finish type is Lacquer.
  • It’s available only in 2 colors

5- Hometown Stella solid wood 6 seater dining table:

This dining table makes your home look beautiful and amazing. You can decorate it easily. It changes the look of your home. It can make your home attractive and beautiful.

This product gets 5-start ratings.

  • Its finish type is matte.
  • Its style is contemporary & modern.
  • Its weight and height are 1500 mm x 730 mm.
  • It will provide you with the best quality tables. That can live for many years.
  • We will provide you the most beautiful and strong tables.
  • It has six seats.
  • It is available only in one color.

6- Nilkamal jasmine glass 4 seater dining table:

Nilkamal Limited is the world’s largest manufacturer of the molded table, India’s most prominent tables are available here. You can buy it easily.

This product gets 4.2-star ratings.

  • Its finish type is Glossy.
  • Its style is contemporary & modern.
  • Its weight and height are 1360 mm x 755 mm.
  • We will provide you a one year guarantee so due to this benefit you can easily resolve your problems if it happens.
  • Its color may be damaged due to sunlight.
  • It’s available only in two colors.
  • One of its faults is that the misuse of tables and breakage can’t be repaired again. GJUI marketplace=FLIPKART srno=b_1_13&otracker=nmenu_sub_Home%20%26%20Furniture_0_Dining%20Tables%20%26%20Chairs&fm=organic&iid=062e0aa3-b7af-4bd1-8a37-7b66a4ec62aa.DNTFEZBHRNU8RDHK.SEARCH&ppt=browse&ppn=browse&ssid=jtjl36fuki679b7k1586938599643

7- S K modern art metal 4 seater dining table:

Iy is a four-seater dining table which is extendable and it helps you to furnish your home. It is available online on cheap prices. But it looks modern for your home.

It gets 5-star ratings.

  • Its finish type is Steel Finish.
  • Its style is contemporary & modern.
  • Its weight and height are 911 mm x 762 mm.
  • It is an extensible and folded table.
  • It has four seats.
  • It has no warranty.
  • Its installation and demo are not required.
  • this product can’t give you any guarantee.

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