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Coal Mining Machinery is a large classification in machinery, it is use for coal mining, due to its characteristics is different to another mining machine. As a large coal produce country, China's annual coal production is constantly increase, the national coal production exceed 24 million tons in 2008, coal mining machinery has a pivotal role in China. Heavy load, large impact, poor working condition, long lifetime and high reliability is the characteristic of coal mining machinery bearing.

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tiffany porn provide products support for Shijiangzhuang Coal Machinery Co., Ltd., Shenyang Sanyi Group Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Xi'an Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanxi Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., NingxiaTiandi Benniu Industrial Group, IMM Group Jixi Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhangjiakou Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., and other national famous coal mining machinery companies, and developed a lot of substitution bearing specially for coal mining machinery. Its performance, lifetime and other data has researched imported products level.


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